Soldier Gives Insider's Look at War

A local soldier gives us a unique insider's look at war.

SPC Jamie Alderman served in Iraq for over a year. During that time he was involved in more than 300 raids and 450 combat missions, but he also helped build roads, schools and hospitals for the Iraqi people and trained the Iraqi National Guard and the Iraqi police.

"We were there to help the people of Iraq, and we accomplished that mission, and people started slowly; we started to slowly earning their trust,” says Alderman.

Alderman was also present for the historic Iraqi elections.

"It was very, very successful with elections. I mean, we as far as the coalition forces go, we expected only about 30 percent, 50 percent of the population to show up, but it was about 80 percent."

Alderman says that a lot of good is being done in Iraq, but it is going to take time to rebuild the country. As to public opinion about the war, Jamie says you can't understand it unless you're there.

"If they could go there and see, actually look at the people's face, and see that we're making a difference."

Most of us will never experience what SPC Jamie Alderman lived through. We can only thank him for protecting our country and our freedom.

SPC alderman will head back to Fort Hood in 30 days to finish out his service. He will serve 45 days and then return to life as a civilian.