Lafayette County Experiences Business Boom

They now have more reasons to stay in their own town. Lafayette County has seen a slight, but unusual increase in new businesses lately, all opened within a matter of months.

Chuck Hewett, a resident, says, "Having new businesses in the area will hopefully promote new jobs for the local people. Any time you can create employment opportunities, it will be better for the area and keep people here working."

Kevin and Ben opened their golf cart business only a month ago and say business is going better than they expected.

Kevin says, "A lot of it has been local people, so we're keeping money in the county. That's one thing we feel like we're doing."

County officials say keeping the money in the county is like music to their ears. Local spending adds to the county's tax base.

Ricky Lyons, Clerk of Court, says, "Currently, mill taxes is worth about $150,000 and counties are at a $10 million cap. That only leaves us about $1.5 million to provide the key services that county government is expected to provide for its citizens."

Residents say the downtown area has not changed much over the years. Though they do welcome new businesses and growth developments, folks say they hope the town of Mayo does not loose its down home feeling.

Since last September, four new businesses have opened in Mayo and two previous businesses have reopened in the area.