Mr. Food: Freezer Burn

Are you feeling the burn when it comes to old food in your freezer? Well, the gourmet guru has a few tips to help you "seal in" those natural flavors while sealing out the fuzz.

Did you know that the average American household tosses away 617 pounds of food a year? A lot of that is due to a common problem: freezer burn. I mean, how often have we removed an item like frozen meat? Freezer burn looks like fuzzy grayish-white spots on the food's surface.

It's not harmful, but causes "off" flavors and dries out and toughens food, and it doesn’t take long for freezer burn to develop! It'll happen just by incorrectly wrapping food, leaving it exposed to air, and moisture.

So what's the solution? Eliminate that air and moisture! One of the best ways I’ve found that does just that are these helpful money-saving gadgets. It's called a vacuum packaging system, and it's a lot like the commercial ones our markets and manufacturers use, but these are for home use and they're getting pretty popular, and there are a load of them out there, coming in several sizes so there’s always one to fit our particular needs.

Simply put the food in the specially designed plastic bag or canister, insert it and, in an instant it's sealed.

A nice thing about these is that besides storing leftovers, they're great for when we're buying in bulk and want to freeze our food in smaller portions. Plus, we can preserve seasonal foods like fresh fruits and veggies at their peak and enjoy them later on. They'll still taste great, so there's no need to throw away our food and our money due to freezer burn.

Seal everything tight and right, and everything turns out "OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®"