Dental Screenings in Gadsden County

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Health disparities in Gadsden County are closing as new efforts are aimed at improving the county's dental health care.

Wednesday, students of George Munroe Elementary in Quincy received a refresher course in brushing and flossing their teeth. Gadsden County health officials say there's a major concern in the county with the state of dental health.

Saddie Marrero says, "The condition is fair and moderate. According to the doctors, they need more home care. A couple of cases are severe.”

County health officials say there isn't a local Medicaid dentist. This has prompted a team of researchers from ACS Health State Healthcare Solutions to help the county develop a feasible dental plan. This group works across the country establishing health care initiatives.

Maximo Martines says, "Rep. Richardson and the secretary of health have worked to assist the county in addressing a lot of the health disparities we have."

Cannella Jefferies adds, "If we could get more dentist to move to this area or to have a practice in this area, it would truly be beneficial to the residents in this county. The need is here."

County health officials say any time you don't have a local Medicaid dentist, the rate of those with poor dental care will be higher than in major cities and counties.

ACS officials will visit both Greensboro and Stewart Street Elementary Schools on Friday.