Victims of Crimes in Thomasville

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A ceremony in the Rose City Wednesday celebrated National Crime Victims' Rights Week. The event gave victims a chance to come together and show their strength.

Taking advantage of a beautiful day, community members packed the plaza outside of the Thomas County Courthouse for a victims' rights ceremony, which celebrated both the rights and the resolve of crime victims.

Members of local law enforcement and government spoke. Some made proclamations, but the day was about the crime victims and survivors.

Jacqueline, a crime victim, says, "It means to me that today was a ceremony to put faces to the thousands of people who've been lost to crimes and that are still ongoing."

Crime victims who attended the ceremony appreciated the turnout, and hope others like them know that they are not alone.

Fred Mathews, a crime victim, says, "I hope this will send a message to the victim that there are people probably all around you that have experienced difficult things, and sometimes all you have to do is come to someone or go to someone that will be there for you if you just give them the opportunity."

Broken Feather Phipps, also crime victim, adds, "It shows that there is people out there who care about victims and that other victims care about what, what others feel and share."

While this week celebrates crime victims' rights, for many, their road towards recovery will go on much longer. This week marks the silver anniversary of National Crime Victims' Rights Week.