Red Foxes Search for New Home

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Flooding has been a problem for many areas over the past month, but it's not always humans affected by the wet weather. As a result, one south Georgia family has a few unexpected visitors.

Some areas of Grady County are still under water, water that left a family of red foxes looking for a dry home. They chose Adam Ridley's front yard.

Adam Ridley says, "They been playing along the side of the yard, momma's been killing birds, momma's just taking care of them."

His friends didn't believe his story, so Adam shot video of them playing in his yard the other day. We counted about nine to 10 pups on the video at one point.

A worker at the Georgia Department of Natural Resources says that a litter that large is unusual, but then again, so is a family of foxes living in someone's front yard.

The homeowner believes the original den was about 100 yards down the road. After some rains, he said he saw some foxes popping up underneath his shed. That's when he called the experts.

Animal Control told him they can't move the foxes because they’re wild, but Ridley soon realized his visitors weren't much of a nuisance. Adam knows they'll soon return to the wild, but if the water rises again, they know they'll at least have a dry place to call home.

A representative from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources stressed that the foxes are wild and are not pets.