Oxygen Chamber Proves to Be Healing

For those of you who dread going to the doctor, you'll try anything to heal a wound with Band-Aids or ointments, but some wounds are more serious and can lead to amputation or even death.

However, there is a treatment that's "breathing" life in to many patients.

It has the look and feel of a submarine, and that's actually not too far off, because inside it's the equivalent of being 45 feet under water.

It's called a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. The patients inside are breathing 100 percent oxygen, which travels through the blood and stimulates healing, helps fight infections and enhances the effect of certain antibiotics.

Morgan Cassels, LPN, CRMS, a hyperbaric technologist, says, “Most of the times what we are seeing are patients at risk of losing a limb. They tried everything else and we're able to salvage a foot, a leg.”

For Elizabeth Hinson, it was her life. Hinson was dealing with a life threatening staff infection, but with two-hour treatments at a time, the high pressure oxygen has her pressing on.

As you can imagine, the enormous and tightly sealed tube can be a little intimidating. Most people are very open to it. Some may have anxiety or claustrophobia, but most do very well in the chamber.

The therapy is typically ordered for patients with wounds that have not healed after six to eight weeks of treatment.