First Court Proceeding in 100 Years

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It's a historical day for the judicial system in one south Georgia community.

Sara Crow has worked in the Lowndes County Courthouse for more than 40 years. In that time, she has watched Valdosta grow and change, but she says the courthouse has remained an epicenter amidst the growth, a place where folks still gather to practice and uphold the law.

Sara says, "That was the thing to do. You just come out and sit around the courthouse, or if they were holding court, you would come into the courthouse."

Thursday marks the centennial anniversary of the first court proceeding held in this courthouse. Historians say this building illustrates years of growth and maturity in both the law and the people of Lowndes County.

Donald Davis of the Lowndes County Historical Society says, "This is the center of government, but it’s the many things that have happened all out in this community that have caused it to prosper."

And with 100 years under its belt, county officials say big things are still in store for this landmark.

Richard Lee, County Commissioner, District 2, says, "One of the things we have in the not too distant future is to do some exterior renovation to this courthouse facility."

They are improvements county commissioners say will restore the courthouse's original beauty.

Officials with the Lowndes County Historical Society say Susan McKey Thomas notified them that she had found documents verifying Thursday as the 100th anniversary.