Caveat Emptor!

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Last fall, Robert Green was working at his clothing shop in Valdosta when a couple of people walked through his door, posing as cable television sales reps.

They convinced Robert to buy several thousand dollars worth of advertising, just in time for the post Thanksgiving rush.

Robert says, "They always say the day after Thanksgiving is supposed to be a big day of shopping. Well, we didn't get a soul into our store. We knew we had the right product, we knew we had the right fashions and we should have had a good return, but we did not get anything."

As Green later found out, his store didn't get any business because the people he purchased the ad time from were not sales people, but con artists.

Valdosta police say this is a serious crime and that business owners need to take precautions to make sure they don't become the next victim of this kind of fraud.

Brian Childress, Valdosta police spokesperson, says, "Give us a call, that's what we're here for. If someone calls on you asking for money and you're not sure, err on the side of caution."

Green adds, "Call the main company. Do some background checks."

By taking those kinds of steps, authorities hope local business owners can avoid being defrauded and help put an end to this kind of crime.

If you think you may have been defrauded by a salesperson, call your local Police Department.