Could It Be a Case of Sexual Harassment at a Local School?

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A Leon County school is at the center of controversy surrounding a complaint of sexual harassment that a government watchdog claims to have witnessed.

Lincoln High School is home to some of the brightest scholars in the county, yet a dark cloud hangs over this institution after a government watchdog fires off a loaded accusation.

Eugene Danaher says, "[I] sat on a bench for one hour and [was] shocked at what I saw."

What Danaher claims to have witnessed was a school resource officer hugging a student in what he calls an inappropriate manner.

Eugene Danaher says, "Hugged student from behind, then turned around and hugged from front. [That] lead(s) to sexual harassment charge."

School officials fire back in a report to Superintendent Bill Montford, saying the hug didn't violate School Board policy on sexual harassment, and School Board member Dee Crumpler stands behind the decorated deputy.

Dee says, "[He] crossed the line of decency when accusing [a] decorated deputy of groping students. Then when questioned said, ‘it was just a hug.’ "

The claim triggers a stem of investigations by the Leon County Sheriff's Office as well as the school district.

Bill Montford says, "We take accusation very seriously and will take the appropriate action if necessary. If the officer is cleared, we'll look what steps taken against citizen for making unfounded complaints."

They are complaints that for now have cast a shadow over this school and its staff. Superintendent Montford says the results of the investigation will be made public.