A Soldier's Story

One year and two days is how long solider Jarvis Pendleton spent in Baghdad, Iraq. Now he's back home with his loved ones in Quincy.

Jarvis says, "Great, just great. It's overwhelming the type of greeting that I've gotten since I've been home."

Pendleton says he's glad to be home, but as a squad leader, for the past year he had a new family, living a totally different life.

Jarvis says, "I have six soldiers that work under me. We were in combat battle every other day, if not everyday. Every day I had to go outside the wire. I've seen the enemy face to face. It's just the type of experience that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy."

His aunt, whom Pendleton says is like a mother to him, says the family never doubted his safe return.

Elvina Pendleton says, "I wish my brother, his daddy, was alive so that he could get to see this, but I know he's up there smiling that his son is back home."

Pendleton's family has had plenty to smile about. He's been to Kuwait twice and once to Korea.

Jarvis says, "Nothing was like this; this was definitely a wakeup call, waking up to bombs in the morning time, waking up to gunfire; it was definitely a lot different and more serious."

Pendleton's visit will be short lived. He's leaving for Fort Hood, Texas on April 24 and may be looking at a trip back to Baghdad soon.

Pendleton's family had a community-wide “welcome home” celebration Saturday at West Gadsden High School at 6 p.m.