Sportsability Expo

For 14 years avid sports enthusiast have gotten a chance to showcase their skills in a special program called Sportsability.

Knee boarding isn't your typical activity for a person who's lost the use of their legs, but this is Sportsability.

"The design is made for upper body control, anybody that does not have use of their lower extremities can ski on one of our skis," says Ann Satterfield, who designed knee boards for disabled athletes.

This is a day geared towards making sure disabled residents get active and stay active.

"I was injured in a hunting accident in 1988 and through that process I learned how important it was for people with disabilities to get involved in recreation," said David Jones, the founder of Sportsability.

From Frisbee golf to archery and shooting, this event grabs the attention of people who might otherwise find a reason to stay home, with the focus being on what you "can" do.

The fun doesn't end here. Monday the Sportsability group has invited Lee Corso to a dinner at the Silver Slipper.