Onstott Confesses

A registered sex offender has confessed to killing 13-year-old Sarah Lunde, whose body was discovered Saturday in an abandoned fish pond in Ruskin, Florida.

Florida lawmen say 36-year-old David Lee Onstott, a registered sex offender, is also a murderer and the man who confessed to killing 13-year-old Sarah Lunde.

Police say Onstott has admitted it.

"The defendant subsequently confessed to the crime post Miranda," said Sheriff David Gee.

Sarah was last seen April 9, shortly after she returned home from a church trip.

Authorities say around the same time, Onstott, who once dated Sarah's mother, showed up at the family's home. They say Sarah let Onstott in and there was an argument that turned deadly.

"The defendant put the victim in a choke hold, causing her to become unconscious and eventually causing her death," said Sheriff Gee.

At Sarah's church Sunday morning there were prayers and tears in a memorial for the little girl whose life ended so violently and tragically.

"Though we are not able to bring Sarah back, we can be certain that she is forever safe with the Lord," said Rev. Pat Beaver of the First Apostolic Church.

Onstott had been in police custody since Tuesday on unrelated charges. He's now been charged with first degree murder.