Pow Wow

Native Americans from all across the United States were in Gadsden County Sunday for a pow wow and to pay homage to soldiers serving our country.

Native Americans from Alaska, Oklahoma and New York joined in Chattahoochee to renew theirs spirits and share their culture.

"I've got them from all the United States here. I'm proud that they came and hope they've had a good time," said Billy Johnson, the inter-tribal pow wow organizer.

Their call could be heard as far away as Sneads as leaders from American nations remembered Native American soldiers who are missing in action.

Many of these visitors are proud of the generations of service they have given to the United States by fighting in foreign wars.

Phillip Coon says he was one of many from his tribe drafted into battle during World War II.

"Well, it was quite unique because there were other American Indians that came into being in the military that I found, especially the one unit that I joined," said Phillip.

But on this day the tribe was calling for peace, with the remembrance that as war continues overseas, they will answer their call to duty.