Rose Show Dilemma

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Kickoff for the 84th Annual Rose Show and Festival is just days away, but the area's recent bouts with bad weather has made some growers in the Rose City a little anxious.

Rick Thomas has been growing roses in his yard for about 18 years. As president of the Thomasville Rose Society, the lack of blooms in his yard has made him nervous

His house is a popular stop for festival tour busses, but this year his 150 bush rose garden has failed to bloom. Thomas knows what is to blame.

"Cold weather, it just slows them down. I got the stems, I got the foliage, I just don't have the blooms opening up," he says.

At the Thomasville Rose Garden, some of the bushes have started to bloom, and organizers of the festival say that with or without roses, this festival will go on.

Sharlene Celaya, Mainstreet director and Rose Festival producer, says, "The show must go on regardless. Of course, it's more beautiful with the roses blooming, but if it happens that they aren't, we will just pretend that we have beautiful roses."

Growers continue to tend to rose gardens around the city, and hope for more last minute blooms, but like the Rose Festival organizer says, the show must go on

The Thomasville Rose Show and Festival runs from Thursday through Saturday and includes the Rose Parade, Street Dance, Rose City Run and many other family events.