Family, Friends, Co-Workers Say Goodbye to W. A. Woodham

Sirens blared through the streets of Quincy as law enforcement officials from various agencies came Monday to pay their final respects to former Gadsden County Sheriff W. A. Woodham, who died Thursday of liver and heart diseases.

Alvan Pickels, a friend, says, "I came on with him when he was appointed sheriff and I stayed on with him for 28 years, and I retired and I still help him. He was literally my best friend I had in this world."

Eugene Lamb, also a friend, shares, "He was a good communicator; he was a good person overall; he had a lot of knowledge and wisdom and I always loved talking to him, because every time I did I learned something."

Monday, the First Presbyterian Church in Quincy was filled to capacity as hundreds came to learn something new about the former sheriff.

Ken Fortune, former sheriff of Jefferson County, says, "Over the years he was a great person to talk to when I ran into problems in a small county. He'd been there, done that, he was a fun-loving guy. I'll always have that respect for what he did for me and my family."

Now his family is saying their final farewell to a man who was icon in the community. After the service, the black hearse made its way to the W. A. Woodham Justice Center before heading to the cemetery for its final resting place.

Woodham was laid to rest at the Hilcrest Cemetery in Quincy. He was 63 years old.