Survey Says...

Students get quizzed on a regular basis. Teachers even have to meet or exceed certain performance standards.

Now, teachers are getting their say on education, thanks to the Quality Learning and Teaching Environment Study, which allows educators to rank their schools in five categories.

Steve Smith, Lowndes superintendent, says, "In each one of those areas, we're well above the state average for schools taking part, with the exception of professional learning. The state average for professional learning was 4.5 and we scored a four, but we still feel like we're doing a pretty good job."

"The study was partially funded by the Valdosta-Lowndes County Chamber of Commerce and local executives say it's very important to the future of local business that a good education system be in place for many years to come.

Andy Deal with the Camber of Commerce says, "Our goal is good employees, and you get good employees through a quality education, and it’s part of our effort to show support and commitment to our educators."

Now that the Lowndes and Valdosta school systems have the results to the survey, the real work can begin.

Smith says, "I think this will give us a clear indication of where we are and what we need to move forward for the future."

They are moving forward to improve the experience for teachers, students and the community in general. The study tries to identify teachers' problem areas, and help keep more teachers in the classroom long term.