Convicted Sex Offender Charged with Sarah Lunde's Murder

Dave Onstott didn't say a single word during the hearing as some cried loudly for the death penalty.

David Onstott is charged with choking 13-year-old Sarah Lunde to death in her own home. Monday morning, Onstott went before a judge via video link from the jail. He didn't say a word during the proceeding, but the sheriff says he already confessed to her murder.

David Gee, Hillsborough County Sheriff, says, "You're talking about a person who would murder a child, who knows what's in his mind, I don't know."

Authorities say Onstott admitted visiting the Lunde home looking for Sarah's mother sometime after midnight on the night of the girl's disappearance. She was out. The 13-year-old was apparently home alone.

Over the weekend deputies found Sarah's partially clothed body floating in a pond near her home. Friends and relatives who had held out hope during the one week search for Sarah are still stunned.

The judge has ordered that Onstott be held without bond until his trial. Prosecutor Mark Ober says the state attorney's office has not yet made a decision on whether to seek the death penalty.