School Bus Beating Caught on Tape

On April 7, 11-year-old Cody Lee says from the time his school bus pulled off to the time he arrived home, two older and bigger students beat on him.

Cody says, "They hit me in the stomach several times, my arm several times, my face, banged my head against the window, my back."

Patrick Todd Lee, Cody’s father, says, "They actually worked him over pretty good, unfortunately, for the length of time it happened. My understanding is the bus driver never saw it, which is kind of hard for me to believe."

The Liberty County school superintendent and the principal of Tolar School both declined to comment.

Greg Solomon, the transportation director, did make this statement: "The district has exercised its discipline of these students; anything beyond that, no comment."

Patrick says, "Until I started digging into it, the kids just got a 10-day suspension from the bus. Now they have a five-day school suspension and an indefinite bus suspension for the rest of the year."

A medical report from Tallahassee Memorial Hospital shows Cody was treated for multiple hits to the head, trunk, back and arms.

The Liberty County Sheriff's Department is investigating. The beating, which Lee says lasted 20 minutes, was caught on surveillance video.

The Liberty County Sheriff's Department would not release the tape.