Valdosta's Mall Is Expanded

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It’s been more than six months since we first told you about Colonial Mall Valdosta's expansion, and folks can expect to see that expansion finally get underway by the end of next month.

Shoppers heading to Colonial Mall Valdosta will catch glimpses of men and machines at work. It's just the beginning of an extensive project that's been in the making since last September.

Larry Hanson, the city manager, says, "This expansion is going to end up being about 200,000 square feet of additional retail space, so that in and of itself is significant, and created jobs as well as retail sales."

Starting in the next 30 to 45 days, construction for the expansion will begin. It's the start of Valdosta's shopping scene makeover, and just like Colonial Mall Valdosta, Belks department store is also expanding right now, which not only means great shopping for folks in Valdosta, but it also means this place will be a shopping hub for those in north Florida and south Georgia.

Verna Horne, who drives from Jasper, FL to Valdosta, says, "When you live in Jasper, it's 75 miles to Gainesville, Tallahassee and Jackaonville, so this is just nice, this is really nice."

So here's the big question shoppers want answered: what new stores can we expect to see?

Larry Hanson says, "One is Ross Dress for Less. There's also a Petsmart still going in, as well as Old Navy."

They are stores that will contribute to the additional $35 million in retail sales this expansion is expected to bring in. City officials say the expansion will be completed by spring 2006.