Preparing Your Home for Mother Nature's Onslaught

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By now, you've heard the predictions of yet another active hurricane season. Home improvement expert Don Zeman says now is the time to protect your biggest investment: your home.

Don says, "Now is the time to start making some of these decisions on the products that they ought to use to make their homes safer. You're never going to be totally safe, but you're going to be a little safer if you use the right stuff.”

A good start is to consider your windows. Zeman says that plywood will not protect your windows and is not up to building standards. Double-pane glass, such as Simonton Stormbreaker windows, even withstood the swing of the bat, the second time.

Zeman adds, "You did crack the glass, but the polyvinylbuterol in between the glass, nothing is going to go through there. It's intact and the wind can't get in."

Building a "safe room" to an existing home using this Kevlar material can also withstand winds up to 100 mph.

Zeman says, "It's plywood impregnated with the Kevlar and they put it on the walls and ceilings, mount it to the foundation. The whole house can go, but this is going to stay intact."

Preparing your home now will bring you peace of mind and a sense of readiness if a hurricane ever strikes us.

Zeman also says you may want to consider an electric generator since your power could go off for weeks after a storm.