Privatizing Schools

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The Florida Board of Education is looking for a few good companies to take on the job of running failing Sunshine State schools.

Florida schools not up to par academically could be in for a major overhaul.

The Florida Department of Education wants to bring in outside help to run Florida's worst public schools. These are schools that have earned failing grades not once or twice, but three and four times.

Jim Warford, Florida's K-12 chancellor, says, "Really interested in university , community colleges and other groups that might be willing to join with districts in helping these schools."

The school district would remain in control, since it is the only entity that can contract outside help. Leon County has seen the benefits of such a partnership.

DOE leaders hope for similar success if the step toward privatization is taken.

No Leon County schools would be affected. This is still is the exploration phase. Department of Education officials say until school grades are handed out in June, a decision on alternative management is on hold.