The Economic Effects of the Rose Fest

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As the Rose City prepares for its annual festival, local businesses are getting ready to welcome an influx of activity.

Preparations are underway in Thomasville for the 84th Annual Rose Show and Festival. Events like the Rose Show, Parade, and Street Dance attract people from all over the area, bringing with them new business.

Sharlene Celaya, the Rose Show producer, says, "It certainly has a positive economic affect on our community. They're spending hotel nights here, they're eating food, they're buying our gasoline, and best of all, they're shopping at our downtown shops."

Come this weekend, these grandstands like the Rose City will be full of residents and tourists, something Main Street business owners have looked forward to all year long.

Linda Hurst, owner of Scoop Deli, says, "Every year for the Scoop Deli it’s been an increase fort the five years we've been here. I think it does bring a lot of people and it increases every year."

This increase in business means more money for the City of Thomasville and a sense of pride for those who work year round to ensure that the Rose Festival continues to be a success.

Rose Show festivities kick off Thursday with the kids’ parade at 7 p.m. and continue throughout the weekend.