Mr. Food: Canned Seafood

Just can it! The gourmet guru is "hooking" us up with a few helpful hints on canned seafood favorites. Let's take a look!

Canned seafood is not only a tasty and budget-conscious addition to our meals, it's good for us too! And there are a lot of our favorites on the market shelves, like our most popular canned fish, albacore tuna.

Besides coming packed in its familiar can, the latest trends are the handy "cans-free," no-drain, vacuum-sealed pouches and the ever-growing assortment of tuna salad kits.

Another big popular? Salmon! We can choose from skinless and boneless pink salmon, perfect for so many of our cooked dishes, or the deeper, flavorful red or sockeye that we eat as is or in salads. And yes, it comes in pouches too.

Then there are sardines, packed with olive oil, lemon juice or tomato sauce, and don't forget canned clams, chopped or whole.

There's shrimp, mackerel, herring, anchovies, small fish, all with those big tasty Omega 3 benefits that the health community recommends as so good for us, and as for any concerns about mercury in fish, there are actually minute amounts of mercury in all fish, including shellfish and canned tuna.

But the minute amount in canned tuna is really a safe level, deemed safe by EPA and FDA, so it makes it a very healthy food for women and children. In fact, for the entire family it's all heart-healthy food.

Yeah, canned seafood is a great catch for us, because "OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®"