Survey Suggests Excessive Drinking Is a Primary Concern for Our Area

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Wednesday, members of the Partnership for Alcohol Responsibility held a press conference at the Leon County Courthouse, calling on the public to take an aggressive stance against excessive drinking.

Dr. Javier Escovar of TMH says, "The past two weeks are not unusual from many weeks we have. We had quite a run of alcohol-related deaths in young people."

Aside from addressing the problem, PAR is holding everyone accountable from city and county commissioners to local alcohol vendors.

Andy Hindman with Mothers Against Drunk Driving says, "If keg registration works, we need to do it. If prohibiting anyone under 21 from entering an alcohol bar, we need to do it. If limiting drink specials work, then we need to do it."

PAR has just released a survey detailing how Leon County residents feel about this issue. According to the report, residents think universities could be doing more to address the problem.

Christine Franzetti of the Partnership for Alcohol Responsibility says, "We know that traditional education and scare tactics have worked with some students, but they haven't worked well enough to create the kind of impact they want to see."

Andy Hindman adds, "This is a very complex issue and it's going to require a very comprehensive approach. It's going to take everyone pulling together in the community to address this issue to be effective."

Fifty percent of survey respondents said they would be willing to pay "higher taxes" to finance additional police officers to help curb excessive drinking.

PAR's report, conducted in September and October of last year, was based on a telephone poll of 600 Leon County residents.