City and County Join Forces on Development Plan

In one local community, the city and county are coming together to complete the task. Like many communities, Thomasville and surrounding Thomas County are dealing with the issues of growth and development.

The City Council and County Commission decided to come together to tackle Georgia's mandated plan for dealing with these issues. The groups jointly hired a consultant to complete the project. Members of the community approve.

C.C. Collier, a Thomas County farm owner, says, "There's definitely a need for the city and council to come together to have a plan for preserving the farm land of Thomas County and all other counties."

So as the city and county grow, so does the need to build on developed land like the property that surrounds the airport on Pavo Road, one of the many cases in which county and city officials say they must have a good working relationship.

Camille Payne, a Thomasville City Council member, says, "It enables both the city and the county to make plans when we know what the other one's doing. It just creates a feeling of harmony in the whole community when the city and county governments do respect each other and work together."

Both groups are already looking at establishing the area near the municipal airport as an industrial park. They hope that will help their growing community continue toward a bright future.

The project is due to the state by 2008. The city and county hope to have their development plan completed a year early.