Tallahassee Man Kidnapped From Wal-Mart Parking Lot

Detectives say the pair took their victim on a terrorizing ride. It was his ability to stay calm in the situation that may have saved his life.

Tuesday night, Leon County sheriff's detectives say a 20-year-old man made a shopping trip to the Wal-Mart on Tennessee Street.

DET Lee Fuller with the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "When he got out of his car, two men questioned him about his car and the stereo system."

The victim tells detectives he went inside, and when he came back out, Lee Fuller says, "The same two men were still standing near his car and implied they had a weapon and forced him into the car; he drove."

Deputies say eventually the three men drove to Gadsden County, and that's when a bad situation became even worse.

"They tied him to a tree using duct tape. They told him they would return, and did not explain what that meant. The victim was able to untie himself and get away."

True to their word, the two suspects did return, but the cool thinking victim never had to find out why.

Lee Fuller says, "The victim hid in the woods while they looked for him. He was able to walk a good way and called law enforcement."

Deputies do have advice to keep this from happening to you.

SGT Chris Chase of the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "The best plan is never leave with the suspects. Give them your car, your money, and then run, get away from them, make noise, but get away."

Detectives say in such a situation, there's less chance the possible attacker will do anything other than run themselves.