Mr. Food: Sweet Corn

Today Mr. Food is getting a bit "corny." You see, the gourmet guru is giving us an "earful" when it comes to selecting the best sweet corn.

Today we're in the fields 'cause it’s prime sweet corn growing season here in Florida! In fact, fields like these supply corn to the whole country, and we're not just talking any corn, we're talking about what's known as fresh Supersweet corn.

Yeah, it's even sweeter than that corn that used to be only available in the summer, and only sweet on the day it was picked. Lucky for us, we can now find Supersweet corn on our produce counters from October all through July!

What makes this corn so sweet? After years of research and development, we've come up with a sweet corn variety that is much sweeter than what we used to produce, and the best part about it is, for consumers, its flavor and color will last for about a week after it's harvested.

You see, after these babies are hand picked, they're packed and shipped right to our markets, and whether it's the yellow or the white or bi-color variety, we’ll want to look for ears with plump, juicy kernels.

And when we get 'em home, we should get them right into the fridge! And whether we steam 'em, boil 'em or roast 'em, grill 'em or even microwave them just as they are…great! Or maybe with a bit of butter, salt and pepper, or added to our recipes, on or off the cob, you just can’t beat the fresh sweetness that only comes from right here in these fields!

They're on our produce counters now, ready for us to sink our teeth into the taste of summer – today, yes, even if it isn't summer! This was Mr. Food reporting direct from the Florida cornfields, and I'll see you back at the station tomorrow for plenty more ways to say "OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®"