Adults Entering College

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One local university is doing everything it can to lure adults back into the classroom. The ABC, or Adults Back to College program, is now underway at Valdosta State University. Older adults are really enjoying a return to class.

When you think of a college student, many people picture someone fresh out of high school. Well, officials at Valdosta State are trying to change that idea through their Adults Back to College program.

Administrators say there are many good reasons for adults of all ages to consider heading back into the classrooms.

Beverley Richardson-Blake of VSU Learning Support says, "Financial. It can be an opportunity to advance in their current job position, to get out there and interacting with other folks who are in the same position they are in."

So-called “non-traditional students” of all ages who are already taking part in this program say they are pleased with the progress they've made and are now encouraging others to join in.

Lindsey Friend says, "I think the older you get, especially where I'm at, in my late 20s, I'm kind of matured enough where I know what's important, I know what I want, and so I think this is probably the best time to be in college."

Lynn Derringer, a returning college student, says, "They answer all my questions and don't make me feel like I'm a dummy that was left behind a long time ago."

Administrators at VSU say the reason why this university is so involved with the Adults Back to College program is because it helps them better serve the entire community.

The first meeting of the ABC program meets Thursday night in the Magnolia Room at the VSU University Center.