Meet "Archie"

Archbold Memorial Hospital has a new addition to their medical family. Their newest employee "Archie" is a prescription robot who makes sure the right medications go to the right patients.

Bradley Atherton, Director of Pharmacy at Archbold Hospital, says, "It's efficient, it never calls in sick, it's always here and it's 100 percent accurate."

"Archie" automatically dispenses the bar-coded medication into the corresponding envelope ensuring each patient receives the right medication, and eliminating the need for pharmacists to double check.

This saves time and labor. What used to take pharmacists about four to six hours, "Archie" does in half that time.

Brandy Bell, Systems Analyst, says, "In an hour and a half to two hours it can be out the door and delivered on the floor to the nurses."

Thanks to "Archie," pharmacists will now play a more role active in patients’ lives.

Charles Brown, a pharmacist, says it allows, "More patient interaction and interaction with the physicians, helping plan and therapies, help more with some of the day to day needs of our patients."

Patients can rest assured that their medication is safe, all thanks to the next generation of "super-pharmacist."

In July, Archbold will introduce another technology, a bedside bar code verification system. Nurses and patients will scan bar codes to ensure the medications are delivered on time and to the right patient.