Parents Would Feel Safer if Sex Offenders Were Tracked

The bill, which places a tighter leash on registered sex offenders and predators, is aimed at giving parents a little more security.

Parents we spoke with say the bill is a move in the right direction and that it's long overdue.

Cathryn Simmons says, "I feel safer as a parent knowing that sexual offenders, especially repeat offenders, will be tracked."

Cathryn Simmons is the mother of a five-year-old son and says she's heard enough of children like Jessica Lunsford, allegedly murdered at the hands of sex offenders and predators

She was pleased to hear that Florida senators unanimously passed the Jessica Lunsford Act.

Sen. Al Lawson, (D) FL District 6, says, "Our children are not safe when they are in the community, so that's the reason you have so much support."

The bill calls for those convicted of molesting children under 12 to serve a minimum of 25 years behind bars. Those sentenced to life would be monitored with a satellite tracking device if or when released early.

Parent Tameka DuPont says this legislation is a plus.

Tameka says, “I have two small kids, so I do believe in the monitoring for people who are predators, old, nasty men looking for children, and that's not right."

Sen. Frederica Wilson, (D) FL District 33, says, "Parents don't want their children to be outside playing because we aren't sure where these 18,000 predators who are lost are."

Due to a few amendments to the bill made by the Senate, the legislation has returned to the House for approval.

Sen. Wilson says anyone who harbors a sexual predator or offender, wanted in connection with a particular crime, will also face prosecution.