Tallahassee Memorial Volunteers

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From greeting and assisting visitors to answering phones, volunteers are essential to the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

Wanda Pelham says volunteering has given her a way to reach out to others ever since the death of her husband seven years ago.

She says, "I work on the third floor, cardiac care intensive care waiting room. We have some good days and some sad days there, but I just like to be there to help in any way I can."

The hospital's 300 members of the volunteer auxiliary were honored at a special luncheon on this day at the Women's Club.

The president of Tallahassee Memorial Hospital's auxiliary, Elora Harwood, says, "It is wonderful to know that the TMH administration values us and appreciates us in return. It means a lot to us."

Amy McDaniel is the director of Volunteer Services, and she says, "They're there for the patients and families to comfort the patients and family members when they need it. They also raise a lot of money for our hospital through fundraisers and the gift shop."

McDaniel also says all funds raised in the gift shop go to the hospital. It's the hours that volunteers put in there that help provide the resources TMH needs.