Great American Cleanup

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It’s the season for spring cleaning, and one local city is making it a community effort. The annual "Great American Cleanup" will take place in Valdosta on Saturday.

The month of April is quickly coming to a close, and that means it’s time for the Annual Great American Cleanup, sponsored by "Keep Lowndes-Valdosta Beautiful."

On Saturday, volunteers will help clean up several Azalea City neighborhoods.

Aaron Strickland, the event director, says, "There are a lot of elderly folks in this neighborhood and we're going to help them out. Some of them have piles of junk that have been accumulating for 30-40 years and they're unable to dispose of it properly. We're going to help them out."

Folks who have been involved in the cleanup process for several years say they've really noticed a major improvement, both in the communities which have been cleaned up and in the people who live there.

Curtis Jones, a four-time volunteer, says, "I love volunteering in this, especially with the older individuals, because they really appreciate all the help they can get and they really take pride in their homes that they've worked hard for, and for people to come in and clean it up, they take pride in that, and I really get enjoyment out of that."

Organizers say if you want to help make a difference, all you need is a pair of work gloves. Registration for the cleanup starts at 8 a.m. Saturday morning at the Mildred Hunter Community Center. Once the cleanup project is done, a free lunch will also be served.

Organizers say it’s also a good way to meet your neighbors and help make a difference close to home.