Thomasville Rose Show

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The 84th Annual Rose Show and Festival is officially underway. The ribbon has been cut, the rose queen crowned and the roses judged.

The Rose Festival kicked off with Thomasville Mayor John Singletary honoring some local residents with a platinum flower, which is equivalent to a city key.

Thomasville's rose queen did the honors as she cut the red ribbon, welcoming everyone to the Rose Show. This year's Rose Show had over 300 rose entries, some 300 horticulture events and around 150 youth horticulture entries.

Bobbie E. Reed, a Rose Show judge, says, "There were some lovely, lovely flowers. It was very hard to make decisions in some of those classes. They were just all so beautiful."

Of all the roses, only some could be winners. Judges look for overall balance and proportion, the form of the bloom, the color, substance of the petals, and quality of the stem and foliage, but for spectators like Maurice Feinberg and his wife Janet, it's simply about the roses.

Sandra Hall, chairman of the Thomasville Rose Show, says, "It is truly a beautiful show and this is one of the top flower shows in the country, and anyone who’s not been here to see the Rose Show needs to come see it because it is outstanding."

The Rose Show and standard flower show will run through Saturday afternoon in the white tent on the corner of Jefferson and Crawford. The Rose Parade starts Friday at 7 p.m., followed by the Street Dance.

Saturday morning is the Rose City 10K Run and the One Mile Run, which starts on Broad Street, and at the Pebble Hill Plantation they will have "Jump for Roses," a horse show, and at 7 p.m. is the Plantation Ball.