Dixie Grill: The Place to Be in Live Oak

You'll most definitely stay for dessert. As the oldest restaurant in Live Oak, the Dixie Grill is guaranteed to be a full house come lunch hour.

Myra Thomas, the co-owner, says, "We like to have everyone come and eat with us. We do a good job with our food and we like to think that's one of the main reasons they come.”

Seymour Chotiner says he started coming to the Dixie Grill about 30 years ago, back when coffee was only 10 cents.

Seymour says, "We had a coffee club that would meet every day in the morning in the afternoon. We'd play a little game to see who would pay. We still do it, but coffee is now a dollar."

Patrons say the home cooked food is great, the service is great, even the prices are great, but everybody knows what truly tops the list, the coconut pie.

Lavon Andrews, a pie lover, says, "They are my favorite, they're my family's favorite. It's really good. If you ever get a chance to come to Live Oak, you need to come and try the coconut pie."

Whether you go for the sweet dessert or the sweet conversation, it's no doubt the Dixie Grill is the place to be.