Wellness Week in Local Schools

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We've long heard that obesity and related diseases are a major problem, but students at Leon High School are attempting to combat the growing crisis.

We're all guilty of grabbing a Coke and candy bar from the 'ol vending machine for an afternoon snack. The machine munchies are a bit healthier now at Leon High in response to a wellness policy recently adopted by the School Board.

Lauren Waller of Public Relations says, "In a lot of the vending machines, we've had chocolate and fattening snacks. Now, we're having healthier baked chips and things like that, and for hot lunches, we're having salads and more healthy things."

Students are taking the School Board's policy a step further. They're having a Wellness Week aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Josh Stewart, a faculty advisor and part of student government, says, "When the wellness policy finally was passed, we decided we wanted to do something in support of it. The students came up with the idea of a walk/run that we can use to support a healthy lifestyle, and the beneficiary would be the American Heart Association."

Not only will the walk/run raise money this upcoming weekend, but other events will support the cause.

Peter Sawyer, student body president, says, "For the week, we're going to be starting out by selling paws to put up in the lobby. Those will be $1 each and you can write your name, or in memory of someone else, or that kind of thing, and also all classes will be raising money through donation sheets."

These activities will keep everyone active for sure

The registration for the walk/run at Leon High this Saturday morning is only five bucks, and an extra 10 bucks for a commemorative tee-shirt. All proceeds go to the American Heart Association.