Bombs Found in Tallahassee Mailboxes

Bottle bombs have been found in mailboxes across northeast Tallahassee. It's serious enough to draw the attention of bomb experts in the city and county.

It's serious enough to generate a $1,000 reward, and most importantly, these mailbox bombings are so serious they have postal workers fighting back tears.

The next time you open your mailbox, consider this: there may be a bottle bomb lurking inside. The worst is not knowing. Lucille Ross didn't have a clue her street was the target of a mailbox bomber.

But residents in the affected areas will receive a notice in the mail, a $1,000 reward to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.

SGT Jack Adkins with the Tallahassee Police Department says, “A lot of times these are something prompted through school age children.”

Childhood pranks are all too common say postal carriers like Melinda Lyons. In her 22 years, she's seen it all, but she never imagined opening a mailbox and finding a chemical bomb ready to explode. That's what happened just days ago.

Melinda says, “It's hard doing my job. I have to go back out and look at the face of death then get on with it, deal with it.”

Melinda Lyon found two bottle bombs in mailboxes throughout the Killearn area this month. Police have counted six total bombs found in Killearn and the Piney Z neighborhoods thus far.

Investigators say they can definitely cause severe bodily harm, and they say these chemical bombs are unpredictable. They can explode during any time, day or night.