Georgia Schools to See Curriculum Changes

Soon the bell will ring for the last time this school year, and it will mark a new beginning for Georgia schools.

A new curriculum will be implemented from kindergarten through 12th grade in English, middle school and high school science, and middle school math.

Cheryl Hay, the director of curriculum and instruction, says, "There's more application and process in these new standards. It takes the students to a higher level of understanding."

Teams of teachers have been training with the Georgia Department of Education. They then train the teachers in the local schools on the new curriculum standards.

Marilyn Cranford, English department head at Thomasville High, says, "At each grade level there is a more detailed guideline in what is to be covered. We are also doing a lot of rethinking about assessment and how students will be tested."

The new curriculum will be subject specific. While English classes will focus more on testing, science classes will be moving more towards hands-on learning.

Brian Beaty, a science teacher at Thomasville High, says, "Fits in real well with science, since we do lab activities. It's going to go away from the paper/pencil work to more activities."

Teachers say the hope is that by changing the curriculum to more "real-world" tasks, it will better prepare students for college and careers.

The new curriculum will be implemented by the City of Thomasville School Board next fall.