Commissioner Concerned About Billboards

We're talking about billboards. You see them every day, but do you ever take notice? One man has, and his discontent is prompting new laws.

Billboards are blooming in Wakulla. They tell us where to eat, where to live, who to watch. In one of the fastest growing counties in Florida, billboards are popping up everywhere, but what some see as progress, others see as an eyesore.

Ed Brimner, Wakulla County Commissioner, says, “People will not want to stop and shop and buy property to live and work here.”

Wakulla County Commissioner Ed Brimner knows billboards are big business, but he says they're a big obstacle when it comes to small town charm. That's why he wants to re-work the law, requiring stricter rules for roadside ads.

Ed Brimner says, "I believe that we need to build those standards and we need to do it now."

The only rules governing billboards in Wakulla are state laws. It allows signs to be placed within 1,000 feet of each other in any direction, but the direction Brimner wants to go will challenge the law. He's calling for a moratorium on all billboards to draft an ordinance and gather public opinion.

Jerry Peck, a resident, says, “They block intersections; they ruin the view in general.”

Ida Mae Timmons, also a resident, says, “I might be looking for a place, a billboard helps you find it.”

But finding these huge ads in the sky may soon be hard to come by. Commissioner Brimner says he'll propose a moratorium on new billboards at the next commission meeting on May 2.