Watching the Weather

Tom and Noreen Biernacki work at the Florida DEP, but they're also backyard weather spotters. Tom says his interest in observing weather started long ago.

Tom says, "I've always been interested in the weather, and of course I have a sailboat and like to sail, and that's totally dependent on weather. It probably started when I was just a little kid."

He has a high-tech weather station that measures all kinds of conditions, but not all weather spotters have an elaborate station. A simple rain gauge is the only instrument that David McMullen of Woodville owns, and he loves the stormy climate that mother nature offers.

David says, "Just growing up in Florida with the lightning, thunderstorms and waterspouts we get, just really you get into it."

And then there's Bob Knecht, who works in security at Florida's Supreme Court and lives near Monticello. He is also a spotter with digital thermometers.

Bob says, "Ever since I've enjoyed weather, I've always wanted to do it. Ended up studying it most of my life and watched it most of my life."

So no matter what you do or where you live, weather spotters are all around, and mother nature provides the perfect laboratory.