Help and Hope

The door is always open at the South Georgia House of Hope in Lake Park, Georgia. Inside you'll find a warm and cozy home as well as life-changing opportunities for women addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Carmen Claypool, the House of Hope director, says, "I've had ladies come to me in the past who are actually suffering the effects of being beaten when on the street or in a domestic violence situation. It can be very bad."

Just ask Jody. She's living proof that the House of Hope can get you back on the right path.

Jody Montemayor says, "I was using for a long time and I tried many places, and this place is the one that has changed my life. Christ is the one that's changed my life."

Folks at the South Georgia House of Hope say it's important for these women to have a loving and safe environment that will help them successfully weather the storm.

Montemayor adds, “You feel accepted and you don't feel judged, and you just know that you feel comfortable."

And as residents slowly move into their new home for the next year, they know the journey will be long and difficult, but for women like Jody, it's a journey that's truly blessed.

Although the House of Hope is only for women, program directors say a residential program for men is already being planned.

For Information:

House of Hope
PO Box 489
Lake Park, GA 31636

Contacts: Carmen Claypool and Jody Montemayor