Student Patrol Program Starts Up in Gadsden County

A new pilot program is aimed at shaping young leaders before they go astray.

Meet the newest members of the safety patrol at George Munroe Elementary in Quincy. Their main duties are patrolling the halls between classes and keeping their peers accountable.

Shandria Harris, a student, says, "I like the job, and the children shouldn't be running, and we want to keep everyone safe."

Claudia Maldonado adds, "It's good to keep our school safe and reach our goal of becoming an 'A' school."

The program itself allows those who participate something to build upon.

Once leaving elementary, those who were safety patrol members can continue their service on the middle and high school level.

R.J. Young of the Safety Division for Gadsden County Schools, says, "We have what you would call a three tier program where they start off in safety patrol, hopefully move to youth crime watch in the middle schools as well as high schools, and participate in such things at JROTC."

Program participants feel to be a member means to also set a good example.

Jamie Ainsworth, a student, says, "Older kids are looking at you and they might say, 'look at her, she is a good person.’ Or they might say, 'she is a bad person,' but I always try to act like I'm a good person."

School officials say they're doing all they can to start kids off at a young age, teaching them discipline, time management, how to handle various situations, and hopefully they will carry those values with them the rest of their lives.

Right now, there are 20 safety patrol members stationed at each public elementary school in Gadsden County.