Leon County Commissioners Discuss Health Care Tax

The tax would have been used to help fund the primary health care program.

The decision for the Leon County Commission to consider was whether to utilize a half cent local option sales tax to help fund primary health care in Leon County for those who have none.

Ed DePuy of the Leon County Commission says, "The Primary Health Care Program is alive and well. It's being provided at two locations in the Lincoln Neighborhood Health Center and the Bond Center. We haven't quit anything."

But during the Primary Health Care Workshop, the commission went in a different direction.

Ed DePuy says, "We have instructed our staff and the PHAB Board, the Primary Health Care Advisory Board, to work on new solutions to come up with the best bang for the buck."

Cliff Thaell, Leon County Commission Chair, says, "The PHAB Board has been charged now with coming up with a core or comprehensive health care model for all uninsured or indigent people in Leon County."

Cliff Thaell says 50,000 people in Leon County are uninsured. He says with numbers like that something has to be done to help them.

Commissioner Bill Proctor says he can support Tuesday night's vote, but is still not happy about the vote to not fund the women's health clinic. To illustrate what he says are needless deaths among uninsured women and children, Proctor brought a child sized coffin to the commission meeting.