Bridge Out for Good?

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Over the past year, severe weather has forced the bridge on Franklinville Road in Lowndes County to be closed for long periods of time.

The county doesn't have the money to repair the bridge any time soon, so it remains closed until county leaders figure out what to do next.

Joe Pritchard, Lowndes County Manager, says, "We'd closed the bridge off and created a detour, and because of that we've received requests from property owners along the road, asking us to consider closing it on a more permanent basis."

That's why the Lowndes County Commission will now consider the request to close the bridge, with a vote likely coming in late May.

Folks living along Franklinville Road say they're very pleased with the county's action. The residents say they're really looking forward to when this request gets approved and this road gets closed to through traffic, helping pave the way to a more peaceful neighborhood.

Brinson Taylor, who wants the bridge closed, says, "It would stop a lot of the problems that go on down around the river from the dumping of the trash to the dope dealing and everything else. There's a lot of people who use the road as a speedway to play on because it's a dirt road."

Taylor says many of his neighbors agree with him and want to see the bridge closed for good. Now, the decision rests in the hands of the Lowndes County Commission.

Traffic experts say closing the bridge would not be a safety issue because alternate routes are nearby.