Middle School Celebrates Golden Anniversary

Workers broke ground on Cobb Middle School in 1952. Since then it's been breaking records and turning out successful students.

Cobb Cubs from generations past gather in the school gym to ring in 50 years of educating the community. Among them is one prominent Cub, Florida Education Commissioner John Winn.

John Winn says, "Everywhere I go in Cobb has a memory. Friends, girlfriends, I remember sitting between those two wings learning the human bones, studying for a science test."

In its 50-year history, there have been just five principals, among them Larry Carmichael, who has one wish for the next five decades.

Larry says, “Hope [to] continue to maintain identity, and [I] hope [the] community continues the camaraderie."

The school band brings the crowd to their feet, playing tunes from decades past, a walk down memory lane for some, and a chance to learn about the school's rich history for others.

Brittany Wood, an eighth grade student at Cobb Middle School, says, "[It’s] really good to see students from then and today."

Cobb Middle School will forever hold a place in their hearts. The same lockers used by Cobb students 50 years ago are still being used today.