Revitalized Downtown Live Oak Unveiled

Through a $700,000 community development block grant, the city of Live Oak has spruced up downtown.

Shannon Court, a project specialist for Live Oak, says, "The city of Live Oak applied for and received a block grant to beautify the downtown area, bring it up to date. We received the funds for that and have just completed it."

From Duval Street North to Parshley Street South, Ohio Avenue is lined with new pedestrian lighting, brick enhanced sidewalks, landscaping and irrigations, as well as brand new benches and trash receptacles.

Though the revitalization project only extends about a seven-block stretch, Live Oak residents say the changes seem to have done wonders for the community.

David McKeithen says, "It's a very attractive change. I think it makes the highway, the area through here, look that much better. I think as people come through it, they notice things like that. It really adds to the community.”

Perhaps the most important of the improvements are the pedestrian lights. Residents say the new system is much brighter.

Tammy Kelley adds, "It made it a lot easier if you're waking at night. It's safer to bring your kids, push them along the sidewalks. It looks really good.”

The entire project took about a year and a half to complete. The city of Live Oak had to add an additional $250,000 to that state downtown revitalization grant.