Teen Report: Studying Abroad

This summer while some students are basking in the sun, others will be miles away learning a new language.

Though foreign language is offered in most public schools, some students have opted to take the courses overseas.

It’s an everyday occurrence, students learning a different language at school, but the thought of going out of the country seems enticing to some.

"My boyfriend actually went to Japan last semester, so he went to Japan and studied abroad and told me it was really, really cool and he told me that they had an Italy program so I said oh cool I'll have to go try it out."

During the school year students are in the classroom learning the languages of the world through textbooks, but over the summer they have a chance to put their language skills to the test by traveling abroad.

And what some teens are also putting to the test is the chance to be hundreds of miles away from home.

"Mainly the reasons were to get out of Tallahassee and because I knew that if I didn't do it now I probably wouldn't ever get to do this like opportunity ever again. I really didn't like High school and I wanted to do something really big and great and fantastic."

It's a fantastic opportunity some will get as they learn several languages, while possibly making new friends.

Leon County students who are interested in studying abroad should contact their school counselor for more information.