Florida Lawmakers Discuss Parental Notification Bill

State lawmakers are bogged down over how and when parents are to be notified, and now the legislation is in danger of not passing.

Four and a half million voters said yes to requiring that parents be notified if their minor daughter seeks an abortion. Elizabeth Albertson supports the idea.

"Because they are underage, and they should have a parent’s advice, a parent to be with them through anything that is that difficult to go through."

But a bill spelling out how notice will be given and where a young woman can go to court if she wants to avoid telling her parents is bogged down at the capitol.

The house has taken a more narrow view on where court cases can be filed, and how notice must be given.

"The substance of the notice, whether or not a parent will be provided the address the phone number, the place where the abortion will take place I think is pretty important."

"The Amendment approved by voters only authorizes the legislature to require notice it doesn’t institute it, so if there is no deal here there will be no notice."

That would be just fine with the ACLU, which opposed the amendment.

"Some teenagers are just not going to tell their parents under any circumstances, and they are going to try self help with people who are not medically trained and they are going to wind up being hurt severely medically and in some cases, which has happened around the country, they are going to die."

Just six days remain in the legislative session for lawmakers to agree or disagree.

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed legislation prohibiting adults from transporting a minor across a state line to get an abortion if the home state requires parental notice.

The legislation awaits senate approval in Washington.