FCAT Reading Scores Are In!

The shirt says it all: those who can, do, and those who can do more, teach. That's exactly what's happening at Godby High School. Students here made significant strides in FCAT writing.

"Eighteen percent gains in writing scores. Beyond expectations. Truly a great day at Godby High School."

The proof is the pudding. Eighty-seven percent of Godby's tenth graders scored a 3.5 or higher on the writing portion of the FCAT.

Educators contribute this academic achievement to hitting the books early and hard.

"Owe it to an early start and seeing students' deficiencies and helping them keep going and keep focused."

The good news doesn't stop at Godby. Every secondary school in Leon County, except for Raa, which stayed the same, showed improvement in the percentage of students scoring a 3.5 and above.

When compared to districts its size and larger, Leon County tenth graders rank number one in the state, 8th and 4th graders rank third in the state.

"Look for ways to improve, until number one in the state in every category won't be satisfied."

Until next year, Leon County and its students will bask in the spotlight of success. The schools that made the most improvement are Wesson, Roberts, Ft. Braden, Godby and Woodville.