Students Aim to Keep Local University Campus Safe

Matt Thomas is one of Valdosta State University's newest watchdogs. As a student patroller for campus police, Matt says he's experienced campus crime first-hand and wants to help put an end to it.

"A lot of my friends have had their vehicles broken into. I wanted to help. If we can get out here, we can free up Valdosta State Police Department to go out and go what they need to do instead of locking up buildings. Then maybe it would be a little more safer around here."

In his first week alone, Matt found several vehicles that were broken into on campus. University police hope increasing security around campus will discourage that kind of criminal activity.

"We're hoping they'll be a more visible type of thing for crime prevention. If somebody sees that someone's out there in the parking lot, then more than likely their not coming out there cause someone will see it."

Student patrollers will patrol university parking lots, as well as lock building doors on campus, and serve as escorts. And while they're hard at work, they ask only one favor from fellow VSU students.

"Talk to us. Let us know if there's anything weird going on, on campus. Let us know if you've any problems on campus."

And also rest assured 10 extra pairs of eyes are watching and helping keep you and your belongings safe. Patrols are concentrated in areas around Oak Street and Centennial Hall from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.